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Staccone S.p.A. has worked in the building trade since 1994. Over the years it has acquired specialist skills as it has constructed buildings and construction works of all types, working for both public and private clients. Born out of the



Staccone S.p.A., historically a family business, now bases its organisation on a model in which the owners and top management share a vision founded on tradition. This model, which has proved to be a winning formula in these first fifteen


Quality and Certification

In the building and construction industry the constant need to comply with national, European and international standards means that the Certification of the Management System, be it Quality, the Environment, Health and Safety, is key to ensuring that the demand

Machinery and Equipment

Machinery and Equipment

Whether it is a new construction or the renovation of an existing building, we are well aware that standard and specialist equipment are essential when managing complex contracted projects. With the guarantee of quality equipment lying at the heart of

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First and foremost, we are builders

We have been successful in many markets, making use of our vast practical experience for each new project – keeping our skills up-to-date and continually building our knowledge base.

Luigino Staccone Amministratore Unico - Staccone SpA

We meet our customers’ needs by supplying global construction services