chisiamoStaccone S.p.A. has worked in the building trade since 1994. Over the years it has acquired specialist skills as it has constructed buildings and construction works of all types, working for both public and private clients.

Born out of the experience of its founder partners, Fabio and Luigino Staccone, in the building industry, it stands out for its ability to draw from the wealth of knowledge built upon from day to day, allowing the most complex of businesses choices to be made.

Over its history the company has constructed industrial, craft-based and commercial buildings, residential buildings of all types (villas, apartment blocks, etc.), and renovated residential and public buildings of historical and monumental relevance.

Staccone S.p.A. is organised in accordance with typical quality management system parameters. It has specialist human resources and a full range of machinery and equipment that is always being modernized.

Every order is managed by a Project Manager, who is responsible for the whole project, assisted by a site manager and a team of workers that have specialist tasks. The project manager has complete control over the progress of works, work times and quality.

The work of craftsmen and outside firms that are used by Staccone S.p.A. on a regular basis is managed and coordinated in order to retain the company’s highly professional profile and streamline its organisation, ensuring flexibility for all its operations and for its personnel.

In addition to performing all the activities described above, since late 2005 Staccone S.p.A. has developed real estate activity on its own account, with the purchase of building land, construction of works and subsequent sale of properties.