Staccone S.p.A., historically a family business, now bases its organisation on a model in which the owners and top management share a vision founded on tradition.


This model, which has proved to be a winning formula in these first fifteen years of the company’s history, continues to show all its worth. Customers know they can rely on the key functions of the organisation, contacts that have both technical expertise and a shared corporate vision.

The firm headed by Luigino and Fabio Staccone, which now employs around 60 workers, has an organisation consisting of top quality professionals, who are given responsibility for day-to-day operations.

The company has a technical and administrative office, with:

  • n.2 engineers
  • n.3 architects
  • n. 5 surveyors
  • n. 3 technical office clerks
  • n. 6 administration clerks
  • around 40 workers